My name is Peter Harrison and I’m a Democrat running for Congress in NY-12

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I’m running because housing is a human right

It’s also the path for healing the pain in America

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Our fight for economic, racial, and climate justice starts with where, how, and why we build homes

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Our democracy will be safe from real estate developers, corporate monopolies, and extremist billionaires when homes are about people instead of profits

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Our country’s founding principles will be honored when we guarantee a home for every person and family


Our future will be secure and bright by defending New York as a home for all


I’m a housing activist, an entrepreneur, and a teacher at a public university


I moved to Stuyvesant Town in the East Village in 2009. I’ve had to fight eviction notices, sudden rent hikes, and random harassment from a series of bad corporate landlords.

I’ve been fighting the housing crisis ever since. As a volunteer for my tenants association. As the cofounder of a tenant organizing app called homeBody. As a member of the Democratic Socialists of America. And as the senior housing advisor for the progressive think tank Data for Progress.

I’m still fighting for my home. But we need to take the fight to Washington. The housing crisis is a national emergency that needs national action.

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I’m fighting for the working class, whether you own or rent


I’m running a grassroots campaign without real estate money, corporate money, or PAC money because I’m fighting for the working class. And look, if you only make money when you’re awake, you’re working class.

After 26 years in office, it’s clear that Representative Maloney isn’t fighting for us. The leadership of the Democratic Party cares more about the companies and investors that profit from the housing crisis than the working people who suffer from it.

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I’m fighting to make housing a basic human right in America


For Economic Justice

Guarantee a Home and Job / Build 12 Million Homes / Put People over Profits

For Racial Justice

Stop Criminalization of Poverty / Protect Renters and Homeowners of Color / Abolish Racist Zoning

For Climate Justice

Decarbonize Housing / Revolutionize Public Transit / Democratize Land Use